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Mama Universe Speaks: Peace be STILL

I just had the most humbling encounter in the lobby of my hotel in Bamako. A craftsman approached me to show me his merchandise. He gestured, and made sounds. At first i figured maybe he thought i don’t speak french. Or maybe he didn’t speak french. And he didn’t! Thankfully i was patient enough to understand why he approached me. Thankfully my guard was a little lower than usual in this troubled place. After a few moments i realised  that he is deaf & dumb. This didn’t disturb me at all. We both took the time to understand each other to facilitate our exchange. He took his time to find things around the room to help express himself to me. I too humbled myself, let my meal wait, so i could  absorb what this man was communicating to me. After all said and done he will come back tomorrow to show me more things & he made it clear that he will give me a discount on what I pick and purchase. Thankfully I took time to be blessed by this individual who refuses to be desperate who despite the fact that society here would caste and discard as a second class citizen, simply because he is handicapable, has found a way to thrive! Tomorrow I will ask his name & wait to learn more… 

this experience caused me to pause and realise that there is beauty everywhere. in the midst of my distress at being in this place, this encounter put my soul at ease. 


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