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‘So they make you climax but can they make you happy?’: A question to the sexually liberated women



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The women in my life have taken various paths. I’ve had some friends do the whole ‘its just sex’ thing, others have said that they are ‘ok’ with their person sleeping with other people and others went with the whole ‘we aren’t labeling it’ flow (my personal favourite).

Before people think I am judging from my high horse or from the safety of my relationship – I am speaking from experience. My current relationship started in that ‘undefined’ way. I thought I was cool with it, being sexy about it, being forward thinking and awesome.

I was so wrong.

I was losing my shit slowly but surely.

Now I have always thought of myself as one of the more sexually liberated women. Wearing labels such as ‘man eater’ with pride cause I was just such a boss at this whole emotions and hook ups thing. Boss? I was barely the…

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