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Gay Love in History, Take 1

the adventures of cosmic yoruba and her flying machines

Once upon a time, my Chinese best friend (a.k.a eccentric Chinese) and I were in my room googling for pictures of hot African guys. While agreeing who was hot and who wasn’t and complaining that a lot of the men were too muscular, we stumbled across this. I initially did not want to click on the link because silly me I did not want my friend to have a negative view of Africans but she insisted and together we watched the video. After watching it, my friend was so disgusted. She wondered aloud what they were thinking saying that homosexuality was unnatural when it ‘even happens in the animal kingdom’. I agreed with her saying that even if we put the animal kingdom aside, homosexuality exists in almost every culture and has been practiced throughout history.

And I think that is it for me. While others fight homophobia by…

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