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African Feminisms and Grant-Making: In Conversation with Amina Doherty

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I had the great privilege this week to meet some powerful women from across Africa, and the world, at a meeting convened by Just Associates (JASS) to discuss among other things, feminist movement building across southern Africa.

What I found most refreshing was the openness of the space, and those involved within it. I also had the fortune to finally meet Amina Doherty, who brings a young, fresh and politicised perspective to funding and resource mobilisation for women’s organising. The Founding Coordinator of the Young Feminist Fund (FRIDA), Amina – who has since moved to other professional spaces – carries within her years of experience navigating the difficult terrain of funding African women’s initiatives.

In the interview, I ask her questions around whether she thinks funding is a progressive strategy for African women’s organising, and how to ensure donor accountability and openness when it comes to grant-making. Our conversation is enriching…

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