The fried rice that brought and satisfied a decade missed of my mother’s love

goldensweetlove(live, life, food)

I didnt want to blog about food but for this one I shall as it is special.
I had not seen my mother in a decade and it felt like forever. Life had me doing a whole lot and she was kept busy too…she finally paid a visit and there at the airport I saw my mother “Mommy!” I screamed…”Nmam!” She said excitedly as she grabbed and felt for my entire body; then she grabbed my children, touching them from head to toe. For the both of us, it felt so surreal…Mommy stayed for some weeks and I treated her to her own recipes. She was even so suprised as I grew up not really liking cooking. I only made “supergetti” for my brothers and native rice. I also made daddy’s okra; “oiless okra ie

Moving on, one really beautiful afternoon, I wanted to make mommy some fried rice. She…

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